Sanbi Slim 301
Sanbi Slim 301

Sanbi Slim 301


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  • Length: 8.4 in. (215mm)
  • Rows: 3

Sleek and reliable, the Sanbi SLIM 301 Series Brush uses a low profile to provide the perfect extension of your hand and the three different lengths of bristles allowing detailed control. The Sanbi SLIM 301 is the perfect brush for upstyles and finishing styles.

With a super light wood body for a better airflow, the handle’s comfort grip is engineered to providing the stylist incredible control over every stroke. Comfort tactile grip, rounded for an organic feel, the Sanbi SLIM 301 Series Brush is a one of a kind creation.

Sanbi Company of Osaka, Japan, is a third generation micro-manufacturer of brushes for the hair & beauty industry. Painstaking care and attention to detail are hallmarks of the products they make, from the selection of special heat and water resistant hardwoods to the quality of the boar hair, a Sanbi brush sets the standard in quality, performance and useful life. The manufacture of brushes is a multi-step process, incorporating modern computer controlled machinery and skilled labor. At Sanbi, the employees who provide the skilled labor have made careers out of producing the best brushes in the world.