Allilon Scissors 5 1/4 in
Allilon Scissors 5 1/4 in
Allilon Scissors 5 1/4 in

Allilon Scissors 5 1/4 in


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Hand made in Japan using Cobalt V10 blades, our 5 ¼ inch Allilon Scissors are the ideal complement for any hairdressing career.

Custom ergonomic design, offset and built to last with a thinner titanium coated blade, enjoy more control for many years.

The scissors are available in an understated semi-matt black finish with subtle Allilon branding and come packaged in a bespoke genuine leather carry case.

We approached the design and crafting of these scissors with the same philosophy that we approach our own craft. Using our years of experience as a starting point we worked alongside a world class manufacturer to create a precision tool that perfectly fits the Allilon approach.

The process of design involved rigorous testing and modification until we struck the right balance between ergonomics, aesthetics, quality and durability.

The scissors are built with the finest materials available with an uncompromising quality of construction.

Unique thinner blade profile and titanium coating makes for a more precise scissor.

Titanium coated Cobalt V10 Alloy

Country of Origin
Allilon scissors are crafted in Japan