tHairapy- Ciao Bella Salon, Lodi CA

tHairapy- Ciao Bella Salon, Lodi CA


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OCTOBER 29, 2018 | 5:00PM


1 W Pine Street, Lodi CA


At Federico Advanced we work collaboratively and forgo competition, which makes us an all-inclusive brand. Federico Advanced is pulling community strings to unite hairdressers, and elevate our craft. From the world-renowned team, ZGAT, to United States-based haircutting phenom, Traci Sakosits, we’re bringing you the very best education that the industry has to offer. We’re doing it all for the love of the craft!

A night of live model demonstrations, the purpose of tHairapy is to inspire and inform while elevating the level of craftsmanship within our community of professionals.

ADAM FEDERICO is a dynamic and forward thinking innovator. He fuels his imagination with inspiration from raw, minimalistic design, natural elements and the juxtapositions found within each. Adam believes in working with the organic movement of the hair and employs a free flowing, yet structured technique to his craft.